The Good Father?…

Let’s look at the things that make a good dad or to be more precise, a good parent! In my opinion it’s quite simple and a very difficult thing to fail at but I can guarantee that a high percentage of us go to bed every night wondering if we are doing enough or if […]

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Time Flies

Sat in our living room awaiting the presence of my seven year old who was at the time getting himself changed into his football kit ready for training. That’s the moment life threw me a curveball. Thats where I was when I sat alone wondering where is all the time going and how can I […]

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Sunshine Blogger Award!

I was extremely privileged to be nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Awards by Gina from Anxiously Running I had no idea what this was to be honest, should I get my suit ready for an evening ceremony and trophy presentation? Not quite, but it was fantastic to receive some recognition from a fellow blogger so early […]

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You’ve got you hands full!

Oh really? Glad you noticed! Normally old people as well sitting there on the park bench whilst you’re casually holding the youngest under your arm with the eldest and middle child arguing over who is going to sit in the front passenger seat of the car when evidentially that would be either me or my […]

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Lessons learnt from a child

We can all learn from our kids.. As parents we tend to spend the most part of our days (and nights) dedicated to teaching our children the core values of life. Something I have often questioned is how much can children actually teach us as parents and people? Well I personally believe the answer to […]

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Kids, Dinners Ready!

Meal times, don’t you just love them? The kids being called, all of them skipping over hand in hand, sitting joyfully at the table in silence whilst clearing their plates, not making a mess and when finished, washing up their own plates, bowls and cutlery before quietly making their way back to the living room […]

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The First Seven Years!

I read somewhere once that the first seven years of a child’s life is the most important as this is the time where they define their own individual personality. This isn’t to say they cannot change their views or behaviour but what it does mean is that their deep settings such as empathy, drive, determination, […]

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Introduction to The DadFather!

Hi there! Firstly I must say a big thank you for visiting the DadFather Blog! If I am completely honest blogging is not something I have ever really aspired to get into but over the past few weeks I have read various parenting blogs from both mums and dads and found myself relating to many […]

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